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SELS Solar Bench Charging Station and Outdoor Furniture

SELS solar bench charging station and outdoor solar picnic tables harness the power of the sun, bringing it to cities, parks, hotels, university campuses, corporate campuses or any open area where power is desired. Our solar charging stations provide options and increased versatility to outdoor spaces. Employees, visitors, and citizens alike can benefit from having access to outdoor charging for their devices, Wifi, and other amenities, while knowing they are taking part in the world-changing endeavor of solar power.

Clean and Powerful

SELS clean and powerful solar bench charging stations and other solar powered outdoor furniture bring to life a myriad of opportunities. Our attractive solar outdoor furniture options are designed to add value to an outdoor space by enhancing the surrounding natural beauty instead of detracting from it. These unique solar-powered charging stations provide a means to effectively charge any device, making this a powerful tool to keep visitors connected. Our solar charging stations also provide accent LED lighting, Wifi, and other amenities to enrich your environment.

Keep Visitors Safe and Connected

Keep your visitors safe, connected and engaged with solar bench charging stations and other solar charging stations with adaptable designs to best suit your outdoor space. Our forward-thinking line of products features picnic-style charging and connectivity tables designed to enhance outdoor meeting spaces.

When our solar bench charging stations and other charging stations are installed, people begin to use them to their full potential – helping solar energy become part of everyday life, and moving us all toward a more sustainable future. Partner with Smart Era Lighting Systems and bring the power of the sun to your community or organization. Call us today at (704) 495-3535 and find out how we can solve your outdoor power distribution and lighting needs.