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SMF-2010 - Solar Side Table

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The Solar Side Table, known as the SMF-2010-A, is a stunning piece of furniture that seamlessly combines functionality with renewable energy technology. This compact and stylish side table is designed to enhance any outdoor setting with its bold yet approachable features.

The SMF-2010-A is powered by a 35-watt solar panel discreetly integrated into the table's surface. This solar panel harnesses sunlight and converts it into electrical energy, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly power source for the table's various functionalities. The highly efficient solar panel allows optimal energy generation even in moderate sunlight conditions.

One of the standout features of the SMF-2010-A is its high-quality stereo audio system. Through Bluetooth, users can wirelessly stream their favorite music or podcasts from their smartphones. The table's built-in speakers provide immersive and crystal-clear sound, delivering a premium audio experience for any outdoor gathering or relaxation session.

To further enhance the ambiance, the Solar Side Table incorporates color-changing LED lights underneath the tabletop. These LEDs cast a vibrant and mesmerizing glow, creating a captivating atmosphere in the surrounding area. Users can choose from a variety of colors and lighting effects to suit their preferences and set the desired mood for different occasions.

The SMF-2010-A goes beyond its entertainment features by offering convenient charging capabilities. The table is equipped with USB and USB-C ports, allowing users to conveniently charge their devices, such as smartphones or tablets. This feature ensures that your essential electronics are always powered up and ready for use, eliminating the need for additional power sources or adapters. The SMF-2010-A incorporates a dedicated space for storing your devices while they charge. The table's ledge, designed as part of the legs, provides a secure and shaded spot to place your devices. This prevents them from overheating in direct sunlight while ensuring they remain easily accessible and within reach.

The versatility of the Solar Side Table makes it suitable for various outdoor settings. Whether it's a pool deck, hotel patio, boat deck, or a cozy outdoor space at home, the SMF-2010-A complements the surroundings with its sleek and contemporary design. Its compact size and portability make it easy to move and reposition according to different seating arrangements or preferences.

This versatile and eco-friendly furniture piece has a broad target market. It appeals to both universities and consumers alike. Universities can utilize the Solar Side Table in their outdoor common areas, providing students with a sustainable and enjoyable space to relax, study, or socialize. Consumers can enhance their outdoor patios or decks, creating a stylish and functional addition to their entertainment areas.