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Solar Garden and Pathway Lights

SELS Solar has the right lighting products for any application. Allow us to light your path with commercial solar bollards that are installed in-ground without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation. These lights and other products offer ground illumination to keep pedestrians safe at night as well as beautify your space.

Let SELS Solar Light Your Path

When your path is illuminated you feel more comfortable and at ease. These bollard-type systems will effectively light your pathways while adding allure and luxury. Those walking along the way will both enjoy and remark how well-designed and attractive the path looks.

Providing safety and direction with commercial solar-powered bollard lights will also demonstrate to visitors your commitment to environmental responsibility. Despite being wonderful to look at, these commercial solar bollards act as a beacon of trust.

Off-Grid and Fully-Integrated

No connection to the electrical grid is required, making SELS commercial solar-powered bollard lights an excellent option for emergency lighting for pathways. The fully-integrated system includes photovoltaic cells, battery, and custom LED light distribution for your specific needs.

Our bollards come in a wide array of styles and designs – all manufactured with the most stringent engineering parameters possible. The lighting is motion-activated and you can configure the behavior to maximize power savings, safety, and convenience while complementing the landscaping or natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Our commercial-grade products exemplify the work ethic and attention to detail which benefit all organizations. Enjoy peace of mind when you purchase and install any of the resilient and attractive products from SELS Solar.

Step Into the Future

Step into the future of lighting with SELS Solar and let us help you use the sun to light your path in the night. We provide a wide range of products that work well in combination with commercial solar bollards.

Visit our products pages so you can learn more about unique designed lights and power stations that will help solve any outdoor solar power or lighting needs, or schedule a call to discuss your project.