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Fully-Integrated Lighting Systems

SELS Solar offers integrated lighting systems that match the requirements of your unique lighting projects. With a focus on durability, reliability and longevity, our integrated solar led street lights provide motion activation that is ideal for parking lot, street lights, pedestrian and cyclists paths, and any outdoor area that needs illumination.

Our integrated lighting systems are programmable – providing users with virtually unlimited lighting parameters. SELS integrated solar led street lights also provide a stylish solution to your lighting needs. We offer our street lighting systems in a variety of finishes and materials, providing choices for the best fit for your current lighting design.

These fully integrated lighting systems contain a durable PV Module, long-life battery chemistry providing protection from extreme temperature degradation, reliable lighting and optics – all contained in a waterproof casing to provide protection from the elements, reducing the carbon foot print of the organization while enabling outdoor spaces to be lit effectively and safely are two of the benefits that come with SELS Solar's integrated solar led street lights and integrated lighting systems alike.

Call Industry Experts

Give us a call today at (704) 495-3535 to discuss the available options. Take advantage of our custom lighting schemes and unique system designs based on your project location. SELS integrated solar led street lights provide illumination without an intrusive presence. In fact, SELS Solar lights will add to the appeal of your outdoor space by moving away from the more utilitarian look of traditional lighting sources to a fresh, modern and eco-friendly solution showing your commitment towards a greener and more responsible tomorrow.