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Stag Table | Solar Charging and Connectivity Station

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Modern Solar-Powered Outdoor Table 

When it comes to outdoor furniture, device charging and lighting should be a given. SELS Solar believes in modernizing every aspect of life, including solar charging tables that provide modern amenities while giving guests comfortable and shady spots to sit and relax. Students can enjoy the fresh air and continue their school work with no interruptions, parents with kids can sit down and take a break at the park while charging their phones, and employees can remain in the loop while enjoying their lunch break outside. 

Fashionable Furniture With Charging Capabilities

SELS Solar seating table has a modern stainless steel design. The commercial-grade, reinforced bench accommodates ADA compliant seating and the canopy houses the built-in solar panels for optimal charging capabilities. Custom color options allow you to choose a color that matches your surrounding areas.

The solar panels keep the SMART charging system ready for use anytime. Remote access allows you to monitor the solar-powered outdoor table's power usage and program controls on lighting and charging stations for high-use periods. Accent the table with solar LED lights in the surrounding area to help maintain a brighter space during night hours.

SELS Solar Projects

SELS Solar has durable and long-lasting solar LED lights, cameras, and furniture perfect for outdoor areas such as parking lots, ball fields, trails, recreation centers, and more. Sign up for our product catalog to get a complete list of products. We design and install projects for corporations and communities to bring an eco and budget-friendly design for lighting and safety in outdoor spaces. Schedule a call with our team about your new solar-powered outdoor seating benches.