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Solar Power Advantage

Our solar-powered wifi bench is a standalone system that will greatly enhance the usability and attractiveness of your outdoor space. SELS Solar is a leader in environmentally-friendly solar technologies. Instead of a bench that provides only seating, utilize an outdoor bench that produces power and connectivity for your community.

Wired and Wireless Charging

The solar smart bench has many amenity options like multiple USB ports, charging pads, and AC receptacles to power various mobile devices. This unique bench also provides users the option to wirelessly charge their devices – allowing them to keep their devices charged while they rest at the same time.

These solar-powered wifi products add unique architectural flair and function to your outdoor space while simultaneously advocating for your use of Earth-friendly power and smart land management.

Turn on the Solar Power

Encourage the use of outdoor areas by providing a functional solution for device-charging and connectivity needs. Let SELS’ fully-contained solar smart benches become an extension of how users interact with your outdoor space by providing a means to stay connected, even while enjoying the fresh air.

Take back the outdoors by combining the power of our unique architectural solar charging benches with the wide array of other products that SELS Solar has to offer. Each solar-powered wifi bench harnesses the power of the sun, converting that power to be used by you and all those who enjoy the outdoors.

Solar lights, mobile power generators, and solar smart benches are made to be beneficial, efficient, and responsible. Built and designed in the United States, where pride and effort go into each step of SELS Solar’s process. Just take a look at some of our projects.

Reach Out to an Industry Expert

Call SELS Solar today at (704) 495-3535 to speak with someone that is passionate and knowledgeable about solar energy and products designed for your city, campus, or organization.