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Solar Pucks and Pavers

These attractive and effective lighting solutions provide you with a means to illuminate both pedestrian areas and water features with calm, ambient light. These self-contained lighting units allow you to customize your space with a unique lighting solution that is sure to catch the attention of passersby.

Make the way Clear with Illuminated Pavers

SELS Solar excels at providing guidance in the field of outdoor solar lighting and solar power products. Our in-ground paver lights offer a simple method of providing safety and direction for the travelers in your area. Choose from different colors of pavers and pucks to provide for years of trouble-free lighting best suited for your outdoor space.

In-Ground or Underwater

These illuminated pavers and pucks are unobtrusive while providing all the ambient light that is necessary for your outdoor space. In-ground paver lights are an ideal shape and position for ambient lighting, offering engaging areas at night without blinding light – which is vital in various applications and convenient in others.

Our advanced illuminated pavers and pucks can even be installed in fountains, pools, and other underwater applications. Entirely weatherproof, waterproof, and vandal-proof, these small solar-powered systems are a unique architectural treatment for creating a stand-out appearance for any outdoor design.

Made to be a Long-Lasting Alternative to Expensive Traditional Lighting

With SELS Solar’s promise of durability and longevity, our products will outshine your expectations. Our passion for outdoor lighting using the power of the sun enables us to free everyone from the confines of traditional power sources. This helps move our communities toward a more sustainable and brighter future.

For whatever application you require illuminated pavers and other products from SELS Solar, we are here to help. Partner with us and make our environment safe and secure for generations to come.

Stunning Outdoor Lighting Begins with an Easy Call

Give SELS Solar a call today to talk to a friendly industry expert that is focused on helping you find the right solution for your outdoor commercial and public lighting needs. (704) 495-3535