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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an area where I need lighting. What’s the first step?

Contact us today to discuss your project with one of our solar lighting specialists who will walk you through the process of implementing reliable, high performance lighting systems no matter your location. We’ll get all the pertinent information and design around your needs. From high-wind zones, sensitive wildlife areas, and the most demanding needs, our design experts will build a system that works for you.

How do SELS Solar outdoor lighting systems work?

SELS Solar lights take advantage of the sun's power by converting free and clean sunlight into usable energy during daylight hours. The energy is stored in specially designed battery packs for use to power high-efficiency lighting loads all night long.

How much light do I need? Can you help with layout and placement?

At SELS, we are solar designers and we are lighting designers. We can define lighting layouts for your project that meet the latest outdoor lighting safety standards including DOT, IES, and Dark Sky. Simply schedule a meeting to discuss your project and we can simulate a photometric layout based on your unique needs.

What types of applications are best for these kinds of products?

At SELS, we do projects for a tremendous variety of applications. We create solutions for roadways and parking lots, greenways and rail trails, parks and pathways. Let us know your needs and we’ll find a solution for your unique requirements.

Can I trust that the lights will turn on when needed?

Yes! Our products are built to withstand extreme environments. Our rugged and dependable products are designed for your specific location, considering historical climatic data, so we can be sure your system will power on as expected, when expected.

What happens when there’s a string of cloudy days and the sun just isn’t shining?

Your system is designed to account for extreme variations in solar insolation. Our specialized charge and lighting controllers maximize power generation to ensure the system’s batteries can provide power for the designed loads. We also ensure there is plenty of excess capacity to get you through the worst stretches of bad weather.

Can you replace my expensive subscription lighting from the power company?

Solar lighting is an ideal solution to replace the power-hungry lighting provided by many power utilities. We can meet lighting levels for your needs in a system that doesn’t require any additional ongoing input costs.

Can you retrofit a solar lighting system onto an existing pole?

In many cases, we can adapt our designs to existing concrete, aluminum, steel, and even wood poles. The STL-Pro is an effective solution for many retrofits because it integrates the solar panel, batteries, and electronic controls in a single unit. {Include link on “STL-Pro”}

Do you offer a lighting service if my organization doesn’t have the capital to buy and install lighting for my project?

SELS offers a unique lighting subscription service in which you pay nothing down. We take care of all the installation and material costs, and your organization only pays a low monthly fee for lighting that you need. We offer extended service plans and trouble-free operation.

How long can I expect a solar lighting system to last?

Our systems are designed for maximum lifecycles. In most cases, the system components can be expected to last over 20 years. Our solar panels, control electronics, and power storage elements are tested for extreme durability and easy replacement in the case of environmental damage or vandalism.