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SELS Solar knows that your business is putting a lot of work and thought into creating the best solar system for your outdoor area. Whether you are looking at lighting, benches, billboards, or security systems, our project managers are here to help. Complete our online form to schedule a consultation with a professional planner.

Durable and Long-Lasting Equipment

Finding the best solar-powered LED lights for your parking lot, building perimeter, or community recreation area is essential in giving customers and employees the feeling of safety and security. With SELS Solar, you will have durable, long-lasting lights that withstand weather and the years to come.

Individual Planning With a Project Team

When you work with a consultant at SELS Solar, you can expect exceptional service and individual attention to create, design, and implement your desired plan. Our team works with you to design a model blueprint, procure all the materials, and ensure the project is within your budget requirements. Then, we oversee the installation of your new solar equipment, ensure it works correctly, and teach you how to use the systems. 

We stay with you through project completion. Our consultants and team stay in touch to ensure everything is functioning correctly and keep up with add-ons you may have in the future. 

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We accept various payment methods and provide payment plans, we additionally offer a subscription model allowing you to just pay a monthly fee, and everything else is on us. 

Start getting your new solar equipment installed by scheduling a consultation today!