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Solar-Powered Picnic Tables

Our attractive and heavy-duty smart solar charging picnic table is an excellent addition to parks, campuses, employee recreation areas, and many other outdoor spaces. This table provides a place for people to enjoy the outdoors and charge up to 6 devices (2 Charging pads & 4 USB ports) at the same time. WIFI connectivity is also available.

Additional options for our solar-powered picnic tables include speakers, lights, and emergency buttons - outlets for laptops – all of which can be customized according to your specific needs.

Solar Charging Stations and Outdoor Furniture – Technical Specifications

PV Module

  • PlexiGlass Impact Resistance PV Module, ETFE-coated semi-flexible Maxeon PV modules, PVC Plastic, Teak Wood
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells
  • Different sizes available. Designed to meet your load requirements

Battery Power Storage

  • High-performance Lithium (LiFePO4)
  • Cycle life over 2,000 times, Up to 4 Days of Autonomy
  • High-temperature range tolerance, Low temperature battery options

Solar Charge and Lighting Controller

  • Smart MPPT charging system maintains battery and system life
  • Optional networking and connectivity
  • Programmable options and load usage

Activation Options

  • USB Ports
  • Wireless Charging Pads
  • 120V / 60Hz Outlets
  • Lighting
  • Wifi Router
  • Smart Data Collection
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Motion Activation

Material Construction

  • Stainless steel or structural aluminum
  • Impact and chemical resistant polyester powder coating
  • Stainless steel security fasteners standard


  • Various options and parameters to meet your project needs
  • Custom designs available for your project


    • 80.5" x 39" x 30" (2.0m x 1.0m x 0.76m)


    • USB Charging Ports: 4 11W USB-A
    • Inductive Charging Pad: 2 Qi Standard
    • Wi-Fi  Router / Repeater: Up to 25m
    • Operating Ambient Temperature: -13 F – 149 F | -25 C – 65 C 
    • Smart Charging and Power Management


    • Up to 160W PV


    • Ground Mount / Anchor
    • Locking Hardware Access


    • Up to 1600Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
    • 2,000+ Cycle Rating, 15+ Years Life
    • Easy Upgrade and Replacement


    • Accent Light Option
    • Powder Coating Color 
    • Custom Dimensions or Design
    • WIFI
    • Emergency Button


    • Accompanied by 3-year limited warranty


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    Our solar-powered picnic tables can add to, or replace existing fixtures to maximize use of your outdoor areas.

    Solar power is clean, renewable and in demand. SELS solar charging picnic tables and other product lines make it easy to order and install devices that enhance the enjoyment of individuals using your outdoor space. Be a leader in conversion from traditional systems to the freedom of solar.

    Partner with an industry leader to bring your vision of the future to life. Solar-powered picnic tables combined with outdoor solar LED lighting provides a comfortable and inviting environment. SELS Solar offers you the years of expertise and innovative thinking to make your outdoor space safe and usable all hours of the day or night.

    Call or make an appointment to talk with SELS Solar today to discuss how your outdoor areas can benefit from an extensive list of products that can be tailored for your community or organizations specific needs. With only 8 weeks from design approval to shipping you can count on getting your solar-powered picnic tables in time to satisfy your outdoor furniture needs.