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At SELS we focus on the design and development of commercial-grade solar-powered solutions. From solar lighting products, surveillance cameras, smart charging stations, to mobile power stations for military and construction use.
We emphasize aesthetic design, rugged materials, and high performance to ensure our systems provide decades of service with minimal maintenance. Every project is analyzed based on a variety of design parameters to ensure every system deployed meets our customers’ high expectations of performance. 

As a company, our strong commitment to environmental stewardship has informed our decisions, and those decisions consolidated SELS as a leader in the off-grid lighting industry. With projects in 14 countries and an international team that enjoys helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, we can make a difference in our world today, for a much brighter tomorrow.

Are you driven to provide exciting, sustainable, energy-saving products to your customers? We are always looking for companies that can help us to reach our customers throughout the world. If your company is interested in becoming a distribution partner, please fill the below fields and we will contact you to discuss your fit for SELS.