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Become an Independent SELS Solar Sales Representative

Industrial Sales Rep for a Leading Solar Company 

Are you looking for a great career as an independent solar sales representative? What better way to share in the exciting ability to help commercial and community businesses become off-grid than with SELS Solar, a leader in the industrial solar market?

SELS Solar is known for designing and implementing durable solar LED lighting systems for parks, universities, retail parking lots, street lights, trails, and more. Our modern products are efficient, aesthetically appealing, and made with durable materials that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Please fill out the form below to inquire about becoming an independent sales representative.

Products That Bring Eco-Friendly Light and Security

As an independent SELS solar sales representative, you will have the chance to connect with communities, non-profit organizations, and commercial businesses. You will speak to them about products that will reduce their carbon footprint, add consistent lighting to outdoor areas, and provide safer places for visitors and guests all day and night. 

Our products include solar LED lighting systems for streetways, parking lots, trails, gardens, and more. We offer solar security cameras for extra outdoor safety, as well as solar charging stations for guests to sit and enjoy nature while charging devices. SELS industrial sales reps have the opportunity to share our vast array of products with companies to support a design plan for holistic lighting and safety for their outdoor area.

Join SELS Solar’s Team Today

SELS Solar has international teams with various projects worldwide. Take time to explore our unique project plans and products that are helping to create a more sustainable earth for everyone, and fill out the form below to inquire about becoming an independent solar sales representative.