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Solar Mobile Power Units

These versatile solar-powered light towers use the sun instead of costly and environmentally burdensome fuels. Join the future with SELS Solar.

Our towable, mobile solar generator trailers are designed and built with integrity and high standards. These silent and powerful mobile units are attached to fully-welded steel frames. They are ideal for applications in construction and municipal settings for security, communications, and surveillance operations.

Any area that can benefit from power without access to the traditional power distribution network will benefit from our totally silent and pollution-free generators.

Abundant Applications

The trailer-mounted solar generator provides energy when and where you need it – despite obstacles. Overcome and move forward with this solar-powered light tower from SELS Solar, a proven leader in sustainable energy products. SELS Solar focuses on finding solutions for your specific needs, as illustrated by our forward-thinking designs. 

These durable, multi-use units are customized to your specific requests and even include convenient forklift pockets for maneuverability – ready for rapid deployment during power outages caused by severe weather, earthquakes, or other unforeseen events. Stop paying for dirty diesel generation and deploy the smart era of lighting at construction sites and roadway work sites with SELS Solar light towers.

Combine the mobile solar generator trailers with any of SELS Solar’s lighting and power supply products to fulfill a full line of needs when advancing toward the future. Allow us to guide you through applying for our solar-powered light towers and any other solutions you may require.

Provide light and power when and where needed by giving workers access to commercial trailer-mounted solar generators. SELS Solar works with you for the good of your interest and the good of all mankind by using renewable and clean energy from the sun.

Partner With SELS Solar Today

Give your business, municipality, university, or other institution the power it needs where it needs it with effective and durable products from SELS Solar. Give us a call today and ask how we can help you find the ideal solution for whatever your needs may be. Call (704) 495-3535 or visit our website to fill out a request for more information about the solar-powered light tower.