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An Exciting New Day for Your Outdoor Space

Imagine a world where the power of the sun is channeled through a Bluetooth bench to provide public spaces with amenities like accent lighting, WiFi, wireless charging, USB device charging, Bluetooth audio, and other options. SELS Solar makes that world possible.

This remarkable union of design and function gives your community or organization cutting-edge technology in user-friendly, space-saving, and planet-saving solar-powered benches for universities, train stations, park facilities, shopping areas, stadiums, picnic areas, or any outdoor environment requiring seating.

Solar Power to the People

That's a great deal to expect from an outdoor bench. However, SELS Solar designed and built this Bluetooth bench as an icon of solar energy and transformed an ordinary seat into an unparalleled way to sustainably enhance an outdoor space, while helping to preserve the delicate ecosystems that are so vital for our future.

Model Citizen

By partnering with SELS Solar, you demonstrate your commitment to responsible lighting and power solutions for your city or organization – demonstrating that solar power is modern, viable, and effective for everyday use.

Stay Current

This solar-powered bench is the next logical step in our ever-increasing, device-driven society which also places much emphasis on engaging outdoor spaces. SELS Solar’s benches help to provide spaces that invite individuals and groups to leave the indoors and experience the benefits of productivity and longevity that outdoor enjoyment can offer.

Combine our smart Bluetooth benches with other solutions from SELS Solar’s Family of Products like outdoor lighting to make your space safe and usable during the nighttime hours.

Find all the Information You Need

Call SELS Solar at (704) 495-3535 today to talk to an expert in the industry that will help you find the right solution for your solar-powered benches, other solar charging products, and lighting needs. SELS Solar designs and makes their products in the United States of America, providing well-constructed durable products that are made to last.