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Solar Network Surveillance

Smart Outdoor Solar Security Camera

SELS Solar presents its wifi security camera system with solar panels for reliable surveillance monitoring at any location. Have coverage in your open and hard-to-see areas with these innovative solar cameras. Sleek design and modern technology together bring you security where you never thought it could go. Level up your risk management system and area safety components today. 

Top-Quality Surveillance System

As a leader in solar-powered products, SELS Solar's proven ST & STL power handling system is the basis for our outdoor solar security camera systems. Leveraging corporate relationships with leading camera and networking equipment manufacturers, the cameras offer resolution options to 4K and beyond, with local or networked storage, remote access, smart video analysis, and more. SELS Solar camera systems are customizable to adapt to any installation location around your facility.

SELS Solar strives to provide clean, effective energy for commercial companies, universities, schools, outdoor recreation areas, and more. The wifi security cameras with solar panels are durable and can withstand various weather elements. The long-life battery sustains its charge through several days of cloudy skies. These easy-to-install cameras can go on existing infrastructure or new posts, depending on your facility’s current design. 

Start Your Lighting Project

Bring your project to our team, and get our pdf catalog to see the modern cameras we have available for commercial and municipal applications. SELS Solar knows each surveillance plan is unique. Our project management team will provide you with individual services to help make your security vision a reality. Shop outdoor solar security cameras today and make your facility safer for everyone.