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SELS Solar Powered Street Lights

SELS’s solar-powered street lights are an effective, cost-saving, environmentally friendly, and popular choice to add to your existing outdoor lighting system. Additionally our products can be utilized as a complete replacement for your current lighting project.

From ages past, we have fought to keep darkness at bay. This is especially true when we consider walkways, parkways, driveways, thoroughfares, and any conduits of travel we use in the evening, night, and early morning hours. These solar-powered street lights allow a community or organization to benefit from a clean, renewable, and cost-effective energy source to light their avenues, streets, and sidewalks – providing safety for everyone, along with the satisfaction of using clean and effective energy from our sun.

Advanced Technology

Other technological features of these solar-powered street lights are specialized battery chemistry, high-impact flexible PV Modules, advanced LEDs and optics – including programmable lighting controls enabling municipal solar street lights to provide the right light in the right setting at the right time. Our solar-powered lights provide city managers and decision makers with a powerful tool to efficiently overcome the complexity of providing lighting infrastructure. You will notice the quality of the materials used in producing SELS’ solar-powered street lighting products.

Quick Installation

The ease of placement and quick installation make SELS municipal solar street lights a wise alternative to traditional lighting systems, and a quick deployment enables more immediate benefits. Paired with other products offered by SELS, these solar-powered street lights make an attractive, economical, and environmentally friendly method to distribute power and light throughout your outdoor spaces and along your roads and walkways.

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