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About SELS Solar


SELS Solar is a US-based company determined to solve your lighting needs while promoting sound environmental stewardship throughout the globe by using innovative, off-grid energy solutions. Rooted in communities around the country, SELS Solar partners with local contractors and sources materials from trusted US-based suppliers. We are committed to individually and uniquely evaluating the needs of each client. At SELS Solar, we understand that one solution does not fit everyone, in every location. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with answers and direction when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Let’s work together to bring safe, clean energy to your community, business, or location of interest.


We help decision makers of businesses, municipalities, government, construction sites, and more to apply our solar lighting solutions to their everyday outdoor power needs. Our products are durable and dependable, providing light from a renewable energy source. Our solar products are impervious to many issues inherent in traditional lighting systems. SELS Solar provides powerful LED light sources and charging utilities for a wide array of applications. We understand that you have high expectations and rely on your light systems to work and perform worry free. We are dedicated to meeting those stringent expectations for a more hopeful tomorrow.


SELS Solar is committed to providing durable products, specifically designed to be deployed in commercial, organizational, construction, military, and government applications. Our products will meet the needs of your outdoor space for many years to come due to our long-life design. We are also committed to the health of our planet and environment through the use of clean and effective energy.


We’re focused on creating safe and attractive outside lighting and energy sources while working toward being a good global citizen. By championing minimally-invasive products and techniques, SELS promotes safe work practices. Our products can be placed in a variety of environmentally sensitive locations including military, construction industry, campuses, municipal parks, public spaces, farms, and more.