About SELS

SMART ERA LIGHTING SYSTEMS (SELS) was founded with the vision that LED lights must be an affordable, quality product in order to become the new lighting standard for the conscientious consumer.
With that in mind, our team was able to design and manufacture high quality LED products with a long life-span. LED products with 95 percent of the components being recyclable, products that consume a lot less energy, but also products that will last for decades.
For SELS, all those achievements were something to feel proud of but, it seemed, big players in the lighting industry didn’t like the idea of taking advantage of LED technology’s durability and efficient use of materials. Instead, the great majority LED products being manufactured compromise lifespan, yielding 10% or less of what can be accomplished with LED, in order to maximize sales, not considering the waste these types of products generate. We decided to be different, to be a company with a purpose; to do what is right for our customers and what is right for our world.
At SELS, we have different values; The three pillars of performance: Finances, Social Impact, and Environmental Contributions. That’s why our investors and the managing team decided to go in another direction. To keep rooted in the company values, SELS decided to use our expertise in lighting systems and knowledge gained from years of research to begin designing and manufacturing commercial-grade solar lighting systems. Systems in which durability, performance, and aesthetics are considered in every detail of the process, without compromising our mission as a company. To be able to contribute to a better world through the efficient use of energy.
As a company, our strong commitment to environmental stewardship has informed our decisions, and those decisions consolidated SELS as a leader in the off-grid lighting industry. With projects in 14 countries and an international team that enjoys helping you to reduce your carbon footprint, we can make a difference in our world today, for a much brighter tomorrow.