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Solar Power Catalog

If you want to add commercial solar products to your community’s or organization's outdoor areas, SELS Solar has a great selection of products to begin designing your new look. You can’t go wrong adding lights and cameras to an outdoor parking lot area or trail to help maintain safety and security for anyone visiting the site.

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Exclusive Solar-Powered Products

Our comprehensive list of solar products will allow you to create the design you envision and speak with our project managers specifically about what you want to make. Lighting can go on existing structures, or the installation of new posts can be part of your package. 

SELS Solar power catalog provides product details for all of our exclusive items and materials, including:

Partner with a Project Manager

SELS Solar project managers treat every commercial client individually, as each plan is unique to your particular building or area. The team helps create the plan, submit material orders, procure materials, and install the systems. Once everything is going, the team will continue to follow up and ensure the systems are functioning and providing the correct real-time data to your smart devices.

Design Your Plan Today

Start designing your commercial solar product blueprint today with our specialists. You can fill out the questionnaire form to give project managers an idea of what you want to do and the types of products you are interested in using for your solar-powered LED light project. Sign up for our solar power catalog and start investing in earth-friendly lights!