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Modern Solar-Powered Outdoor Bench 

As you design your outdoor area and choose furniture that will bring people together or give someone quiet time, SELS Solar charging bench will be visitors' one-stop place for all charging needs. The solar-powered seating provides a place for guests to sit and charge electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and more. Wifi and Bluetooth accessibility also come in this park-style bench. The best part of the solar charging abilities is the reduction in the use of carbon.

Fashionable Furniture With Charging Capabilities

SELS Solar seating bench has a modern stainless steel design. The commercial-grade, reinforced bench seat houses the built-in solar panels for optimal charging capabilities. Custom color options allow you to choose a color that matches your surrounding areas.

The solar panels keep the SMART charging system ready for use anytime. Remote access allows you to monitor the solar-powered outdoor bench's power usage and program controls on lighting and charging stations for high-use periods. Accent the bench with solar LED lights in the surrounding area to help maintain a brighter space during night hours.

SELS Solar Projects

SELS Solar has durable and long-lasting solar LED lights, cameras, and furniture perfect for outdoor areas such as parking lots, ball fields, trails, recreation centers, and more. Sign up for our product catalog to get a complete list of products. We design and install projects for corporations and communities to bring an eco and budget-friendly design for lighting and safety in outdoor spaces. Schedule a call with our team about your new solar-powered outdoor seating benches.