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SELS Solar LED Lights

Many organizations and municipalities are working toward the common goal of limiting their environmental impact – due in part to growing community interest in renewable clean energy. Meeting the growing demand for new lighting designs is one of many ways that SELS Solar can help. We offer solutions for any municipality, campus, or organization enabling them to reap the benefits of solar LED lights and exterior power sources from a trusted source in the solar outdoor LED lights Industry.

To meet this new demand for your city or organization, SELS Solar provides functional, durable, and modern lighting solutions. Products like our in-ground solar LED lights and integrated solar lighting systems brightly light up your parks and recreation areas with reliable and clean light all through the night. Our beautiful designs enhance the ambiance of your area with green energy from the sun, and provide independence from the power grid – so you will have power no matter what factors interrupt normal power distribution. Scalability, reliability, and convenience make three more attributes that enable decision makers to feel confident in moving forward with our products.

Dependable Light and Safety

Visit our Products page to find out how our solar LED lights and other products will improve your outdoor space. You will find examples of our solar outdoor LED lights and other unique, clean-energy solutions with descriptions and photos. See how our solar lighting systems create well-lit, safe public and private spaces.

For your citizens, customers, employees, or residents, we have outdoor charging stations so they can keep their phones and other devices charged while continuing to enjoy outdoor spaces.

We’ve supplied innovative solar products for projects around the world, establishing us as leading experts in the solar power industry – ready to guide you in making an informed decision about your organization’s or municipality’s outdoor lighting, and clean energy needs.

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No Power? No Problem.

Solar LED lights are cost-effective and energy-efficient, making them a logical choice to implement in your projects where no power cables exist. SELS Solar’s smart, energy-efficient, off-grid solar outdoor LED lights and charging stations don’t need to be connected to wires – eliminating the strain of costly, intrusive, and disruptive traditional lighting choices. See how Salt Lake City, Clemson University, and Horse Farm Espavel extended lighting and more to vast areas without trenches or power poles.

Find out more About Us and what we can do for your solar LED lights and outdoor power needs. We are committed to helping your organization or municipality make well-thought-out and environmentally-friendly power decisions. Let’s work together toward achieving your solar-powered outdoor lighting and charging vision.

Let’s Discuss Unique Solutions for Your Project

Call (704) 495-3535 today, leave us a note on our Contact Us page, or even schedule a call to discuss your project. Embrace the freedom that our solar lighting systems can offer.