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Solar Pathway and Park Lighting

Green energy for your green spaces is finally here in attractive and functional packages that will enhance walkways, bike paths, parking lots, playgrounds, outbuildings, and more. With light comes safety and security. Providing light from solar sources provides people and the environment with safety and security.

Join the Trend and Enjoy Power from Our Sun

Many forward-thinking municipalities understand the benefits of working with SELS Solar. Check out how Provo partnered with SELS Solar to provide security lighting and improved walkability without affecting the landscape.

SELS Solar provides park lighting to illuminate any outdoor space. These amazing solar city park lights can be placed in many locations offering several options for customization.

Enjoy a safer and more popular lighting choice. Our products harness power from the sun by collecting solar energy through advanced solar modules and storing the energy in sophisticated and advanced battery systems, containing improved chemistry for longevity, efficiency, and environmental resilience.

Our solar pathway and park lighting systems can be used to retrofit existing fixtures. If you have pre-existing poles, we can use them. Of course, any faulty wiring in pre-existing systems is not a problem!

The elements of energy collection, concentration, and storage work together to provide a solid and dependable product that will meet or exceed a city or park’s need for outdoor lighting.

SELS Solar Powers Cities and Parks through Solar Energy

City park lights from SELS Solar provide a means to stay current with important energy trends and future-proof your developments, like Senator Lara Linear Park.

SELS Solar products make use of improved technology that provides an excellent means to make the outdoor area useful and safe in the dark. These lights work especially well when combined with other products like our pathway lighting products that enable all areas of a city’s or campus’ green spaces to remain safe and usable even during evening and nighttime hours.

To learn more about our city park lights or other products for your city, park, or campus, call an expert in solar lighting solutions, or fill out this helpful questionnaire today.