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SELS Solar knows that your business is putting a lot of work and thought into creating the best solar energy system for your outdoor area. Contact SELS Solar today to discuss your organization's plans for upgrading to eco-friendly solar-powered outdoor equipment. Whether you are looking for lighting, charging station tables, security cameras, solar light towers, or improving your transit authority, our SELS Solar project professionals are here to help you choose the best products to help you become a leader in utilizing sustainable energy.

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Make your outdoor areas stand out by having the best in sustainable outdoor safety and security paired with reliable solar-powered lighting to create a place for customers and employees to relax and charge their phones and other devices with solar-powered furniture. Contact us today with questions and to speak with a consultant.


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Dependable No Matter the Weather

Finding the best solar-powered LED lights for your parking lot, building perimeter, or community recreation area is essential in giving customers and employees the feeling of safety and security. Our products come in modern, sleek designs, with backup storage systems providing more usable time even when the sun doesn't shine, allowing your parking area and trails to stay lit throughout the night. With SELS Solar, you will have durable, long-lasting lights that withstand the weather in the years to come.

Professional Customized Planning

SELS Solar is accustomed to working with a multitude of companies on different scales of projects. When you work with one of our professional consultants, you can expect exceptional service and individual attention to create, design, and implement the ideal, customized turn-key project based on your location. We treat each customer independently meaning that you will receive a customized plan of action for any solar project or specific needs you may have. Our team works with you to design a model blueprint, procure all the materials, and ensure the project is within your budget requirements. We then help you oversee the installation of your new solar equipment, ensure it works correctly, teach you how to use the systems, and keep up with add-ons you may have in the future. 

Products SELS Solar Offers

SELS Solar works with commercial businesses, communities, governmental agencies, transit authorities and universities to bring solar-powered LED lighting to their outdoor areas. The systems that we supply are: 

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We accept various payment methods and provide payment plans. We additionally offer a subscription model allowing you to just pay a monthly fee, and everything else is on us. 

From start to finish, we’re here to help. Start getting your new solar equipment installed by scheduling a consultation!