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Solar Transit Lighting and Amenities

Solar Bus Stop Lighting provides a safe and eco-friendly way to ensure citizens and visitors feel secure in your outdoor transit queuing areas while waiting for transportation. Light in the darkness has always provided solace and comfort, and our solar transit systems offer benefits to commuters, bus drivers, and your city through green initiatives – not just with lighting, but other amenities, like WiFi, device charging, surveillance cameras, and data collection.

Make your city, park, or campus a beacon of safe nighttime transit with SELS Solar’s specially engineered products, while harvesting clean energy from our sun, to enhance your City’s streetscape.

Safety & Productivity

Keep travelers safe, comfortable, and productive. Implement SELS’ solar bus stop lighting to move your transit authority into the future with responsible, green, efficient, and reliable rider amenities. Many people rely on being able to remain connected and working even while waiting for the bus. With products from SELS, your transit system can stand out as distinct, modern, and cutting edge.

Solar lighting for bus shelters provides a way to responsibly enhance the commute of countless transit users by providing much-needed security and comfort retrofits. Provide even more service and assistance to mass transit users by supplying power charging stations and lights to power their devices for your riders and their personal belongings.

SELS Solar is more than a bus shelter manufacturer. We are experts in the solar industry and provide an array of products that will meet the needs of your citizens and visitors. Solar Bus Stop Lighting is just one area where SELS Solar shines through as an industry leader. Discover our entire product line for a comprehensive list of products designed to enhance safety and convenience towards a more sustainable transit authority.

Looking for more than a bus shelter manufacturer? Call (704) 495-3535 to speak with an industry professional to learn more about solar lighting for bus shelters and other quality eco-friendly power and light solutions available to your city, campus, or business.