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Project Questionnaire

As your organization begins to think about and discuss plans for a new solar-powered outdoor area, SELS Solar has a commercial solar project questionnaire to point our project managers in the right direction for your vision, products, and budget. 

The information in the questionnaire will enable our team to understand your requirements and be able to determine the specifics for your solar project characteristics, we base the questionnaire on location, wind speeds, lighting needs, energy demands for your commercial or municipal solar project.

Solar Power for Your Outdoor Area

SELS Solar provides sustainable and durable solar-powered solutions for your outdoor spaces, such as:

Long-Lasting Smart Solar-Powered Devices

Commercial solar projects are excellent at saving on finances while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. SELS Solar offers products with modern and attractive designs to easily fit into the dynamics of the project, whether it is lighting up the parking lot, playground, or surveillance cameras for hard-to-see areas. Our military-grade long-lasting materials allows your company the opportunity to invest in smart devices that will create an eco-friendly solution that is attractive to the eyes, earth, and budget.

Start Designing Your Plan

SELS Solar provides U.S.-based professional consultants to work with your commercial or municipal solar project on an individual plan to discuss your options for creating the solar-powered area. Project managers discuss your questionnaire and formulate a plan that meets your product and budget needs. 

Sign up to receive our full product catalog today, and fill out your commercial solar project questionnaire to get started with your solar-powered LED light installation.