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The City of Lynwood Puts Their Trust In SELS Solar Lighting

Ricardo Lara Linear Park in the City of Lynwood, CA

Executive Summary

The City of Lynwood created the landmark Ricardo Lara Linear Park as a case study in landscape infrastructure. The park provides an important environmental function by filtering stormwater along an I-105 freeway embankment. When considering city park lights for this community asset, environmentally responsible solar-powered LED lighting was a logical choice. SELS Solar came alongside the city to install and develop a functional, financially responsible, and earth-friendly system for the park.

Challenges for the Park

The City of Lynwood, California, in Los Angeles, had an idea that underutilized land can be meaningfully repurposed to reflect the aspirations of a vibrant but historically disenfranchised community.

What was once bisected by a massive freeway corridor, burdening the community since its construction, became Ricardo Lara Linear Park. This park serves to remedy the negative impacts of the freeway by restoring a sense of community to residents.

They knew that using solar-powered lights was a must for the park, but the city had a bad experience with poor-quality solar lights in the past; thus, their trust and enthusiasm to replace them with new solar-powered LED lights were hampered.


The City of Lynwood decided to take a step of faith in trusting SELS Solar to demonstrate the smart technology of solar-powered equipment in this mile-long park. With the positive team engagements, installation, and product quality, the city believes again in solar lighting as an option for ambitious future projects.

Senator Lara Linear Park solar lighting
Senator Lara Linear Park solar lighting

This project consists of several SP-Series Solar Park lamps that provide safety lighting to the area reclaiming more than five acres of fallow land along the freeway corridor. The site also creates a high-value community amenity that offers much-needed environmental and recreational benefits. By implementing city park lights throughout the area, people can enjoy recreational time well into the evening and early morning hours.


Today, the City of Lynwood’s park is host to flourishing community gardens, laughing children on playgrounds, and aesthetic solar lighting providing safety when night comes. The infrastructure that has long divided and isolated the surrounding community has become an amenity that unites it. The city trusts in solar-powered lights again and is a leader in implementing sustainable solar-powered LED lighting. 

Ricardo Lara Linear Park in the City of Lynwood won the 2018 Urban Open Space Award, the Urban Land Institute’s Community Impact Award, and the American Society of Landscape Architects Southern California Honor Award.

Solar-powered lights and furniture in your city areas are vital to keeping the area's natural elements intact. Help create a safe and secure place for your residents with city park lights and allow people to come and relax outdoors while charging their smartphone and devices on solar-powered charging station benches. Call today to start planning your city’s recreational solar plan and invest in an eco-friendly area for your neighborhoods.