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Modern Solar Outdoor Furniture

Giving visitors and employees a great place to sit and charge their devices will enhance your area's overall appeal. SELS Solar has outdoor solar charging stations for precisely this purpose. Benches have access points for USB charging, WiFi, Bluetooth connections, wireless charging, and accent lighting, allowing people to charge phones, iPads, and other electronic devices at all hours.

Custom Benches for Your Business

SELS Solar charging stations are durable and excellent for any weather conditions. Made with precision steel, this bench will last for years. You can custom color and design parts of the solar outdoor furniture for your business needs. Solar panels provide extended charging power, while the optional overhang will give guests cover on rainy or overly sunny days.

Give your community park, university, or recreational center parking lot, or playground an update with earth-friendly solar LED lights, security cameras, garden lights, and solar benches. Our project managers are here to help bring your company’s vision to reality. Use pre-existing posts for products or install new ones when the order arrives. You can install the outdoor solar charging station yourself with the easy pre-drilled holes. 

Create Your Outdoor Space With SELS Solar

SELS Solar is giving communities, universities, retail, distribution, and other commercial businesses the ability to reduce their carbon footprint and save money. Solar-powered, completely-off grid charging stations are excellent for all outdoor spaces, so people can relax and socialize while charging devices. Call our team today to discuss your business’s plan and start using solar outdoor furniture and lighting in your outdoor area.