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LSP 84 - 8x4" Lighted Solar Paver

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Smart Technology Pavers for Your Outdoor Area

Are you looking for ambient light to add to your commercial walkway, parking lot, or outdoor recreation area? SELS Solar has beautiful 8x4” lighted solar pavers for your project. The light pavers can form artistic designs within your site and create pathway perimeter light. 

These robust pavers run for up to 16 hours and automatically turn on and off. Regardless of the weather, the 8x4” solar LED paver will withstand any weather conditions. Commercial retailers and communities can use pavers at universities, trails, amusement park walkways, and in underwater displays. 


SELS Solar’s 8x4” lighted solar pavers have innovative technology that stands out above other solar products. The US-made pavers have durable materials that last for up to 10 years. Fully wrapped in stainless steel with a heavy-duty UV stabilized lens and bright finish, these solar pavers can accommodate any wet weather and underwater display. 


The LSP84 rectangular paver-style light is an easy addition to ordinary 8” x 4” paver bricks and will add a hint of style to any outdoor space. These 8x4” solar LED pavers are available in 6 attractive colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, and White. Pavers charge within three hours and will be ready for a night full of light and beauty.

Walk With Eco-Friendly Products

SELS Solar is a leading company in earth-friendly solar products. Help be a part of reducing the carbon footprint by adding solar pavers to your walkways and waterways. Call to speak with an expert designer today about your 8x4” lighted solar pavers!