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LSP 88 - 8x8" Lighted Solar Paver

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Solar Paver Lights

Solar paver lights offer a dramatically visual and safety solution to outdoor lighting needs. Take advantage of products from SELS Solar to bring your organization or municipality into the future by providing safe and attractive illumination with lighted walkway pavers. Solar power means no wiring needed – below or above ground. Bring lighting to outdoor areas where no power exists.

Walking in the dark can be daunting, causing people to be afraid and under utilize those areas. Increase the comfort and safety of your outdoor space patrons with attractive and advanced solar accent lighting products from SELS Solar. We are passionate about bringing aesthetic, functional, clean, and renewable energy solutions to your campus, city or organization.

Walkway and Underwater Lighting

The future of pathway lighting comes in the form of these solar paver lights. Make a visually appealing and clear distinction of where to walk, reducing the likelihood of accidents. Since our durable, lighted pavers hold up to inclement weather, they are also suitable for underwater applications, such as fountains and splash pads.

Safety, functionality, longevity and attractiveness are just a few attributes that you can include in your outdoor spaces with clean and effective lighted walkway pavers. SELS Solar offers many products specifically designed with longevity and functionality in mind.

Path to a Brighter Future

The future of your organization or municipality is made brighter by SELS solar paver lights. We can discuss available solutions for you and your community. Take back your outdoor spaces with the help from SELS Solar and lighted walkway pavers. Our company is dedicated to making USA-designed and built products to achieve the look you desire for your outdoor areas.

Make an appointment with an industry expert and allow them to help design the right solution for your unique needs.