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LSP5 - 5" Lighted Solar Puck

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The SELS Lighted Solar Pucks are a new kind of solar-powered product, created from robust technology and high-quality materials. These commercial pathway lights can also be used as underwater solar lights for fountains and other applications where other solar products cannot. These unique and effective lights will last for years. They are fully waterproof, making them an ideal application for community pools, riverside or lakeside walkways, dams and numerous other areas for exterior illumination. 

LSP5 Solar Powered Pucks

Commercial Pathway lights are a great aesthetically pleasing way to enhance walking paths,, pools or any other area in need of exterior paver lighting. The LSP5 boasts a beautiful design and is easy to install. Installing the SELS Solar LSP5 solar lights provides a means for safe and effective lighting even in underwater applications. 

The versatility of this product allows for dramatic lighting to bring about positive attitudes among its users and enhanced safety around any areas. These waterproof solar lights can be use un fountains, pools steps, walkways, parking lots, and more are made to be seamlessly incorporated into your outdoor lighting designs.

LSP5: Commercial Pathway Light

Each LSP5 Lighted Solar Puck features a stainless steel body and fully sealed polycarbonate lenses that make the LSP-series a perfect option for installation in wet and corrosive areas. The 5” LSP5 makes a bold statement with a minimally invasive installation.

Some of the features that make these solar-powered lights ideal for public outdoor space lighting, including use as underwater solar lights for fountains are:

  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Durable and Attractive
  • Low impact installation

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