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renewable energy plan for city with solar panels on hillside

Smart Solar Power Planning for Forward-Thinking Cities

Putting together plans to create a solar-powered city is an excellent way to reduce your town’s carbon footprint and show residents and guests that you are conscientious of how you use energy in earth-friendly ways. Having a vision and planning it out are two essential steps to moving forward with an energy-efficient city. Here are some ways to start thinking about creating a renewable energy plan for your community.

6 Forward-Thinking Ideas for Becoming a Solar-Powered City

  1. Who Solar Power Impacts

    The top priority for going solar is to consider who it will impact. Many people are involved in this decision, whether it be employees, residents, or investors. Solar-powered cities take time to visualize where they want solar energy and get their community’s input. City infrastructure planning is vital to helping people understand how, where, and why they will implement solar equipment throughout the town. You can start by holding town meetings to provide residents with information on the benefits of solar-powered products and where you would like to install them. 

    Businesses are part of your town and will also want to participate in the positive movement towards greener energy. Advertise and send out information to commercial and non-profit offices throughout the community discussing your intentions to become a solar-powered city.

  2. Street and Trail Lights

    Lighting is a popular way to implement modern and aesthetically pleasing solar power into any outdoor environment. Whether you are lighting your highways and roadways, street corners, business parking lots, or community walking trails and sports fields, you will find that solar LED lighting works well for providing illumination during night hours for a reasonable cost. As you review your city’s renewable energy plan, decide which areas will gain the most impact with additional lighting and start thinking of your new light locations.

  3. Design Creative Walkways

    Your city’s infrastructure plans do not have to be boring with the same colored lights anymore. Create a solar-powered city with colorful lights that add character and enjoyment throughout your parking lots, parks, and recreational areas. Mix and match colors and garden puck designs to create an adoring pattern of color through your pavement and trail. Illuminate your statues and waterfalls with solar garden light bollards to bring places of beauty to community displays.

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  4. Solar Charging Stations

    Outdoor areas in our modern world are not complete without the ability to sit and charge electronic devices. SELS Solar’s state-of-the-art solar-powered benches and tables have built-in charging stations to allow guests, employees, and residents to relax outdoors while charging their phones, tablets, and more. Solar-powered cities using charging stations notice a difference in how many people visit the benches and enjoy the perks of charging stations after a long day in the office or hiking.

    Solar-powered city park bench provides mobile device charging
  5. Mobile Stations and Billboard Lights

    Advertise and display more signs and information with SELS Solar’s mobile power stations and LED lights for billboards. Adding these solar-powered products into your community allows your residents to stay in the know about vital information without wasting energy from the electric grid. Illuminate your work zones and share new store information throughout the night with mobile stations in your renewable energy plan.

  6. Security Systems

    Solar-powered cities make people feel more protected when providing additional security to their infrastructure plans. Lighting is a key component to advancing the security of an area at night, but adding security cameras gives the people and area a deeper sense of safety. SELS Solar has solar-powered security systems that can mount on most building components and small areas, like alleyways, to give you a 360-degree view of all the areas in a particular location.

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