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Clemson University Campus Partners With SELS Solar for Solar Capability Research

Aerial view of Clemson University campus


Clemson University Campus partnered with SELS Solar on solar lighting systems at two facility sites. SELS Solar was able to provide materials and expertise to help design and deliver a system that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and functions above the level set by grid-connected power systems. Students also had the opportunity to partner in the research of the data, information, technology, and materials demonstrating how solar-powered LED light systems provide a better way to light the universities without the use of grid-dependent electricity. 


The campus sought to assess the performance and longevity of solar lighting systems at two university facilities. Clemson University Campus wanted to be able to analyze the possibilities of solar power systems and the capability of these systems to perform excellently in fully self-sustained systems.

The university solar project wanted to create an interactive student research group for the data gathered through the system to find the benefits of solar vs. grid-connected power. Students were eligible to participate in the study and evaluate solar lighting solutions that provides sustainable and financially-friendly energy.


Clemson University Campus selected SELS Solar specifically for its unique aesthetics technology, intellectual property, and communication system that reports real-time system data. The engineering department and facilities team focused time and energy on working with SELS Solar to design, plan, and install the solar luminaires.

The assessments and research provided a way to teach students about the possibilities and performance of solar power systems compared to grid-generated power. Students also analyzed the cost comparison of the different solutions to explore the most viable financial decision.


Clemson University Campus worked with SELS Solar to procure the materials, and then installed the system themselves, allowing students to analyze the real-time data. The students gained exponential research information to provide scientific and data-driven evidence for the positive capabilities and performance metrics of smart, solar-powered LED lights and systems. The university’s solar-powered system continues to operate over four years after installation without failure or outages.

For SELS Solar, this project was significant, not because of the size, but because of the ability to educate our customers. As a pioneer in solar-powered solutions, one of our goals as a company is to educate people about solar power's capabilities, and Clemson University Campus’s engineering department allowed us to show future engineers that sustainable solutions can be cost-effective, incorporate design & technology, and, most crucially, perform as a grid-connected option.

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