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The Solar Side Table

An Endless Music Machine.


“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.”

-Jean-Michel Basquiat


Let's Decorate Both


Enhance your outdoor space into a sustainable solar-powered oasis.

35 watt high-efficiency solar panel - 5mm thick tempered glass lamination

Never worry about breaking or cracking your solar panel. Sit on it, set things on it, leave it outside in the rain - no problem.

2.1 Bluetooth integrated stereo system with options of a single system or mesh connected systems.

An upgraded super loud sound system delivers a sound with deep base and crisp high notes calibrated in-house by our designers. Connect as many side tables in your mesh system as you want and listen as they play in perfect sync—up to 100 feet of range with our Bluetooth system. 

Upgraded battery system paired with a state-of-the-art solar collection array.

56 Hours of autonomous play at max volume on one full charge (in case the sun stops shining).



Ambient RGB lighting blankets the ground around to set the night's tone.

Picture this: you are sitting around your pool, patio, or at your favorite outdoor venue. As the sun starts going down the lights turn on and illuminate the ground with the color of your choice keeping the vibe just right all night.

USB and USB-C charging ports for any devices.

The music never dies and now neither will your phone or tablet

Device shelf under speakers to keep your devices out of the sun while charging.

Nobody wants to grab a 100-degree phone in the middle of summer, keep it in the shade and protected. Never worry about your phone overheating, getting sand in it, or water splashed on it.



Pre-orders are now available for the solar side table. Delivery within two months. To Order Click the link below: