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temporary solar power generator at a construction site

How the Sun is Reducing the Cost of Temporary Power for Construction Sites

Many people are looking to the sun to help power their homes, businesses, cars, and more. If you’re a construction manager, you may be thinking that finding a cost-effective temporary power supply for your construction site will be challenging. However, with solar-powered equipment from SELS Solar, there are options for your site that can accommodate your building needs day and night.

Solar Power is Gaining Momentum

Solar energy is a popular, growing trend that many companies and communities are taking on for their businesses and recreational areas. As the pricing of solar equipment decreases and the ability to quickly add solar panels to a project, the request for building more sun-powered buildings and structures is increasing rapidly. 

Buildings, old and new, aren't the only places seeing the positive effects of using solar power. Commercial construction site managers are seeing the benefit of using the sun through temporary mobile power supplies to help reduce costs and gain more time in the working field regardless of natural light, weather, and on-grid electricity hookups. There are plenty of ways solar power for construction sites can provide a more energy-efficient working environment while helping everyone’s budget. SELS Solar offers excellent solar-powered generators that benefit construction sites for daily needs.

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3 Ways Solar Power Can Benefit Construction Sites

  1. Lighting

    Lighting is the top component of all construction site needs. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors, you can never have too much lighting. However, getting the lighting to your site can be difficult when you are in a remote location or have to wait for electric companies to hook up the site before you can plug anything in. Temporary solar supplies, like a generator, for construction sites create the lighting solution and reduce costs in getting electricity to an area that will need rerouting or disconnecting later. With a mobile solar unit, you set the machine where you need it most, use the sun to charge the battery, and start working away regardless of the time of day. 

  2. Machines

    Lighting isn’t the only major necessity needing power at construction sites. Machines and equipment need the reliability of strong electricity during the workday to keep the building project on schedule and moving along. When bad weather hits and you can’t work outside, moving a temporary construction site power supply inside the building is easy to power up other projects. The cost of gaining this day back will be worth it when your client is happy and there is no delay to your project's deadline.

    Machines and equipment of various sizes will work well with SELS Solar construction site solar power generators. Call SELS Solar to discuss the mobile unit’s durability and movability that make completing the job easier and can support multiple projects simultaneously.

    temporary solar power supply panel for construction site
  3. Main and Backup Electric Capabilities

    Most people think of using generators only when the electricity goes out or think they only run on gasoline. With the construction site solar-powered units, you can use the sun to provide your project with electricity for your main uses and backup if needed. Don't worry about the costs for routing lines to your site early when you can use a high-wattage, multi-use temporary power supply for your construction site needs. SELS Solar portable power supply stations use modern technology to provide the optimal energy output all day and sustain through periods of unfavorable weather to keep your construction site powered and moving along.

A Leader in Solar Energy

SELS Solar is a leading company in solar-power products and works with commercial, retail, non-profit, universities, and community organizations to establish solar-powered lighting, security, and more to provide durable earth-friendly options to outdoor areas. As you start to create your solar plan, add in lower construction site costs when you stay off the grid with temporary power supplies during the initial building of your project. Make powering your lights, security cameras, machines, and equipment using the sun easy with Sels Solar. Book a call today to speak with a project manager about your next construction site project and our solar-powered products.