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SELS Solar Project Management

If you are looking for new ways to implement solar lighting into your facility, campus, or city, SELS Solar has the expertise and products you need. Our solar project management teams work with organizations one-on-one to help design, create, and implement solar-powered lighting and amenities for their outdoor areas. 

SELS Solar values you as the customer and appreciates your willingness to help reduce your organization's carbon footprint. Our team is here to ensure your investment is exactly what you envision. We have processes to help create a well-designed lighting installation and implementation.

Our Services

Project Management 

Every successful project starts with a plan, and having experts managing the project is a must. SELS Solar has project managers who oversee individual solar projects from start to finish. Our management team will handle the following:

  • Project specifications
  • Cost calculation 
  • Manufacturing
  • Implementation/Construction
  • Follow-up

Specialized Consulting 

Our solar project management team will provide specialized and industry-related input, opinions, reviews, advice, and direction on your organization's current, completed, or planned projects. 

As one of the leading commercial solar companies, we do not offer cookie-cutter designs for solar lighting systems, as no two organizations are exactly alike. The unique aspects of your projects are tailored to your organization's needs. Our specialized team works with various layouts and features to prepare and plan designs. Our consultants will recommend best-fit options for your project, including:

  • Equipment
  • Systems
  • Networks
  • Power supplies


Collaborating as a unified team is essential to putting a plan together. SELS Solar ensures the involvement of members from our team and your organization's team so that the project's vision, strategy, and installment runs smoothly, and everyone agrees.

If required by your project, we are happy to serve as a subcontractor to contribute our expert advice and recommendations to ensure the success of your solar project management plan. Our professional team will maintain appropriate communications with the third party throughout the process.


Our team will create a custom plan for the best products and the right quantity that your organization needs. We work to deliver turnkey solutions and projects based on specific and unique customer specifications and functional requirements. We have designs and development guides to help calculate and plan for your facility's requirements. 

SELS Solar knows that every facility is unique in design, area perimeter, and goals. You may want trail lights in a public park or mobile device charging stations on your college campus. The project management team at SELS Solar works with each client individually and creates a solar-powered plan customized to their facility.


Commercial solar companies know the importance of designing earth-friendly and sustainable projects. With the exception of batteries, all of our manufacturing is done to high standards in the USA to create durable and dependable, weather-resistant components. 

Once the solar lighting project management team sends your plans to manufacturing, they will ensure that the functional and budget specifications for your project are met in the product order. 

Construction and Implementation 

Running a business takes a lot of time and energy. Your teams can't always construct and install equipment, products, systems, and lighting. SELS Solar provides implementation teams at your facility to take care of the installation – both new construction and retrofits of existing structures. 


Our solar project management team is here to help with anything before, during, and after the project completion. Ensuring the team follows your facility's designs, products, and vision is a priority. Your team will enjoy the brighter, safer facility and areas with solar-powered lights, charging stations, and security systems.

Delivering Solar Power to Organizations and Commercial Companies

There are many different aspects to going solar. We provide solar products to the following types of organizations and applications:

  • College / University / School Campuses
  • Parking lots
  • Recreational areas
  • Parks and public spaces
  • Road & highway illumination
  • Shopping malls
  • Municipal and government buildings 

Solar Products for Every Need

SELS Solar has a vast array of lighting products for your company to choose. The project management team will provide the best items to make your facility solar-powered with brighter and earth-friendly illumination.

All of our materials are top-quality and will last up to 20 years. The sleek modern design of our panels and lighting gives an impressive look to the area and helps to add style to your facility's building and surrounding space. Innovative smart technology helps keep your lights working as you want and when needed.

Budget Friendly

Many elements go into the planning and management of a solar lighting project. At SELS Solar, we offer a subscription service payment plan. You have no downpayment and will only pay what you need to use on lighting each month. This plan is excellent for company budget planning and helping safety teams identify specific needs. 

A Trusted Commercial Solar Company

Complete our short project questionnaire to start putting together your company's plan. Access our pdf catalog to get a good idea of the available products for your facility. When you contact our solar project management team, you can trust that you will receive an individualized plan and special care in making your solar-powered system a real-life vision! Call our experts today!