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SELS Solar Helps Provo, UT Reach Its Environmental Goals

Provo River Trail in Utah with biker on path

Executive Summary

The City of Provo chose SELS Solar to be the company that partnered with them to provide Solar Park Lighting along its Provo River Parkway System trail. The SELS Solar solution protects the surrounding wildlife and ecosystems. It also has the capability to be monitored, controlled, and show real-time data from any web-enabled device.

Challenges and Objectives

The City of Provo's goal is to have a strong economy while enjoying a healthy community and preserving the environment. They look through this lens to create a more sustainable community that can keep Provo strong and vibrant for future generations.

The Provo River Parkway System is one of the finest trail systems anywhere in Utah and is constantly growing and improving. Beginning at Utah Lake State Park, where the Provo River empties into Utah Lake, the Provo River Trail parallels the Provo River in many locations as it meanders through the City of Provo and Provo Canyon. The Parkway accommodates walkers, joggers, bicyclists, horseback riders, and rollerbladers. It weaves its way for just over 15 miles through the city of Provo, county-operated parks, and residential and commercial districts.

The City needed a way to light the trail to provide for residents' health and safety while meeting their environmental preservation requirements. Displaying a light system that continued to create a safe habitat for surrounding plants and animals was also a top priority.


Because of their strong commitment to sustainability, the City of Provo chose SELS Solar as their solar installation partner in Utah for their Provo River Trail project. One of the key project elements is the smart capabilities of the SELS Solar's lights monitoring, controlling, and real-time data reporting from any web-enabled device. This allows the city to ensure the lights are working at all times and gives information for research and development into furthering Provo’s solar-powered systems. 

For this project, we used our versatile STL PRO Solar Lighting model on an 18ft pole and dark-sky-compliant luminaire. Each of the 40 connected solar lighting systems is spaced at an average of 165 ft, providing uniform lighting for the trail without affecting the surrounding wildlife and ecosystems.


To date, the City of Provo in Utah has installed SELS' Solar lighting on 1.9 miles of the river trail. It continues moving forward with the plan of providing safety lighting everywhere it is needed. SELS Solar is proud to continue our relationship with the City of Provo to provide solar lighting to one of the most iconic trails in the USA.

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You can achieve your own city’s or organization's goals to promote a strong economy, your community's health and safety, and to preserve the beauty of your outdoor spaces, partner with SELS Solar. Schedule a call to discuss your project.