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Riverview Park in North Augusta Gets a Major Solar Upgrade

aerial view of Riverview Park in North Augusta

Riverview Park in North Augusta, South Carolina, is the central recreation complex for the city. This enormous complex hosts the annual EYBL Nike Peach Jam, which attracts thousands of people to visit the park. During the year, the park is always bustling with athletics for everyone in the community and traveling visitors. Having a large and busy facility requires lighting and safety measures day and night. Riverview Park partnered with SELS Solar on solar light installations, making the park a leading earth-friendly complex near Georgia. 

Area Challenges and Goals

North Augusta’s River Park has 149 acres of viable land for nature walks, athletic fields, buildings, and parking. The park never stops, and with people in and out of the different facilities, fields, waterways, and paths, it is vital to have high-quality lighting providing safe areas. Parking lots, roads, and playgrounds require additional lighting for families and children to see clearly in the dark.

With multiple activities throughout the year and hundreds of daily visitors, the park cannot compromise its facilities' use or risk its users' security. However, with this large amount of space and facility options, the cost of wiring and lighting the area is enormous. Riverview Park was looking for a cost-efficient way to make North Augusta's central sports complex safer.


During the evaluation of the different options, Rick Meyer, Director for Parks, Recreation, and Tourism in North Augusta, mentioned the possibility of going solar. They chose SELS Solar and our Charleston Distributor SuperGreen Solutions to be the option to provide high-quality commercial-grade solar lighting in the vast park space.

SELS Solar and SuperGreen Solutions designed and engineered a cost-effective installation using our ST-series solar lighting system for this project. The system provided what Riverview Park in North Augusta needed at a fraction of the cost of running wiring. It also came with the benefit of not paying an ongoing monthly electricity bill for outdoor lighting use and encouraged the community to see more focus on sustainability. 


The results of the project are astronomical for Riverview Park’s budget. Since the solar-powered system’s installation in January 2020, the community center has saved thousands of dollars in energy use. In addition, the facility complexes, fields, trails, parking lots, and roads are safer and more secure, with lighting throughout the night every day of the year.

Product(s) Used:

Riverview Park in North Augusta is an example of the positive effects of solar installation in the Georgia area. The decrease in carbon footprint and cost-saving capabilities of these solar-powered LED lights make a difference to everyone using the facility. 

SELS Solar uses modern design for long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting and charging devices for universities, community parks, recreation areas, commercial buildings, streets, and parking lots. Schedule a call today to discuss your solar light needs.