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Myrtle Beach Convention Center Saving Costs and Helping the Environment

skyline view of Myrtle Beach Convention Center

Myrtle Beach is home to beautiful beaches, family entertainment, history, and architecture. Millions of tourists visit Myrtle Beach each year for pleasure, business, and conventions, making Myrtle Beach Convention Center the largest in the southeast. To keep the building and surrounding area modern and beautiful, the center redesigned the outside in 2018. Partnering with SELS Solar to create sustainable lighting for the outdoor spaces, the Convention Center can keep its lights on all night for minimal costs.


The Convention Center has served millions of visitors since its opening in 1967. The Convention Center is a staple in the community, from meetings to sports competitions to expositions. Keeping the center’s curb appeal, amenities, and safety up-to-date is a top priority for the facilities team. 

In 2018, the Convention Center decided it was time to update the facility’s outdoor lighting, landscape, and amenities. The landscaping of the building’s exterior went well and looked delightful. When it came to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center matching the modern lighting design to the landscape and amenities, the team realized the cost of underground wiring was very expensive. 

The high costs of running wires and trenching the landscape were not where architect J. David Utterback wanted to place the money for the project. Instead, he started researching outside of the box into solar-powered lighting.


The Convention Center evaluated multiple options to find a cost-effective solution to the wired lighting situation and ultimately ended up going with solar lighting. David Utterback and General Manager Paul Edwards interviewed several solar lighting companies. In the end, they chose to partner with SELS Solar. The primary reason they decided on SELS Solar was due to the rationale that we don't do lighting; we create custom lighting solutions for each client.

After listening to the vision of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center team, SELS Solar put together a solution with considerably lower costs than running wire and no costs for landscape destruction or remediation.


The installation of ST-series area lights, commercial-quality landscape lighting, and a charging station happened in less than one week with minimal disruption to other building operations. SELS Solar worked with J. David Utterback to modernize the Convention Center’s lights for all visitors to enjoy and feel safe at the facility. Since June 2018, the lighting has brightened the exterior building surroundings all night and functioned as expected.

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SELS Solar isn’t a typical lighting company. Like the Myrtle Beach Convention Center project, there is no general blueprint for companies or communities as every building, recreation area, and parking lot differs. SELS Solar works directly with your facilities team to bring a unique, aesthetically attractive, durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly plan for your site. Book a consultation today with our project managers.