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SG9030 | Solar Garden Light

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Commercial Solar Garden Lights for Modern Displays

Commercial LED bollard lights are excellent for walkways, trails, small fountain or display areas, and more. SELS Solar’s LED lights illuminate surrounding areas to give a pleasing look at night and brighten walking areas for all guests. These off-grid powered lights are great for commercial and community organizations to bring earth-friendly products to their outside space. 

Individual Designs for Your Space

SELS Solar believes every company has a unique vision for its outdoor area. That is why we create plans based on each location's lighting structure and space – including selecting the LED light brightness for your specific application. The commercial LED bollard lights have no wires or lines to install. You simply place the post in the ground and allow it to charge and light.

Universities, community recreation areas, and retail companies can enjoy displays and walkways with these long-lasting commercial solar garden lights. Program your lights and security features for the time you want them to display in your area. Place SELS Solar garden pucks around the lights to add additional color and artistic design to your outdoor space.

Durable Solar Lighting 

SELS Solar is a leading company in solar lighting and outdoor furniture. With our solar lighting products, companies and organizations can decrease carbon usage while saving money with low energy costs. Our durable lights come with a five-year limited warranty and are low maintenance. Commercial LED bollard lights are easy-to-install and will give your area a modern, eco-friendly appearance for all to enjoy. Book a call today.