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Subscription Lighting Service

  • Budget Friendly
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Superior Performance
  • One Low Monthly Cost

Smart Era Lighting Systems (SELS Solar) is an innovative renewable energy design company excited to introduce a new way to save money. The solar lighting subscription offers commercial and community organizations the opportunity to illuminate spaces with sustainable lighting services that require zero maintenance while giving superior performance. With our budget-friendly systems, you can reach sustainable goals in a shorter time frame.

Subscription Models

Our new model offers the choice between multiple scenarios that suit your budget goals. With terms ranging from 3 to 12 years and having the option to pay by the month, semester, or annually, we are here to help you illuminate any area.

Subscribers receive everything they need, including engineering design, planning, installation, and maintenance. Each system works as an independent lighting solution providing clients with the easiest way to keep their outdoor spaces lit up for years, even during emergencies or power cut-offs.

What to Expect From Your Subscription

Choosing SELS Solar for your lighting service opens doors for modern design and durable equipment. Some of the benefits of our systems include:

Immediate reduction in ongoing outdoor lighting costs with no up-front capital.

SELS Solar owns, insures, maintains, and operates all lighting equipment.

Zero carbon footprint and ultra-low ongoing costs.

Improved performance and lighting coverage with no power costs.

Multi-year agreement plans with options to renew.