Solar Network Surveillance

SELS presents its IP Camera system for reliable surveillance and security monitoring at locations where they were once considered impossible. As a leader in outdoor solar-powered products, SELS IP Camera system is based on our proven ST & STL power handling system and leverages corporate relationships with leading camera and networking equipment manufacturers. Resolution options to 4K and beyond with local or networked storage, remote access, smart video analysis, and more, SELS IP Camera systems are customizable to adapt to any installation location.


Solar Network Surveillance – Technical Specifications

PV Module

  • High-Impact Glass-Laminated PV Modules
  • High-efficiency monocrystalline cells
  • Varied PV configurations up to 320W for most demanding surveillance needs

Battery Power Storage

  • High Performance Lithium (LiFePO4) or Gel VRLA for Extreme Lifecycle Available
  • Cycle life over 2,000 times, Up to 6 Days of Autonomy
  • High temperature range tolerance, Low temperature battery options

Solar Charge and System Controller

  • Smart MPPT charging system maintains battery and system life
  • Optional Networking and Connectivity
  • Programmable lighting output for varied lighting needs

Cameras and Network Function

  • Up to 12 MP Video Resolution
  • Remote Access and Smart Video Analysis
  • IR and Advanced Color Night Vision
  • Fixed and Varifocal Lens Technology
  • Automatic PTZ Object Tracking

Material Construction

  • Structural aluminum, steel, and stainless steel options
  • Impact and chemical resistant polyester powder coating
  • Stainless steel security fasteners standard


  • Embedded 150/50Mbps Cat4 LTE Modem
  • Hosted Surveillance Server