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STL Pro Solar Street Light

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SELS presents the ultimate fully integrated solar street light system. With an extremely simple installation method compared to traditional lead-acid battery systems, with a bi-directional adjustment solar panel system you can adjust the orientation and the tilt of the solar panel, also incorporates the latest lithium iron phosphate technology with voltages that varies from 12.8V to 25.6V and our proprietary smart MPPT controller, that has the capability to control your light from any device with an internet connection.

Our solar street light STL Pro is extremely easy to install, with our adjustable brackets that can fit to any existing pole you can retrofit any existing light with a smart solar street light, and save thousands of dollars in installation costs and hundreds of dollars in power savings.   


 We can also provide you an aesthetic aluminum pole or steel pole, based on your project needs.

Our STL pro-solar light capabilities range from 4500LM to 12000LM giving you the option to light up any outdoor space, from parking lots to road lighting.


Please contact our team, customization is encouraged for your specific location, and project needs,  just call one of our solar lighting engineers at SELS offices to discuss your project options.


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