SELS Solar LED Street Light

SELS Solar LED Street Lights

• Self contained and fully automatic
• Clean, bright white LED illumination
• High efficiency solar panels
• Intuitive power management
• Proven battery technology
• Low installation costs; no trenching, cabling or wiring
• Optional 24/7 remote monitoring
• Optional motion sensor


About SELS

Smart Era Lighting Systems (SELS) designs and manufactures high-quality solar lighting products with no compromise in performance compared to grid-connected systems and the longest life LED lighting products available on the market.

SELS designs attractive packaged solar products to put light where you need it with no wiring, no trenching, and no power bills. Our solar products use the latest technology to create reliable, bright light for any outdoor environment. From residential to commercial, garden-scale to street-scale, SELS has the solution for your lighting and connectivity needs.


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