SP9590 | Solar LED Park Light

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1500LM, Optically Control, Time Control,
Remote Control, Solar Tracking System


  • Pathways and Walkaways
  • Bike, Hiking or Outdoor Adventure Trails
  • Exercise and Activity Areas
  • Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Small Poorly Lighted Areas
  • Hotels
  • Pool Areas
  • Landscape and Garden Areas


Solar Panel: 54W Monocrystalline with Automatic Solar Tracking System
Battery Capacity: 14.8V / 26AH LiFePO4 Lithium Ion
Power of Light:  15Watts
Color Temperature: 3000K or 6000K
Power of Main Lamp: 15W
Lumens: 1500LM
Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ 65℃ / -13℉ ~ 149℉
Recommended Distance: 4 - 8 m | 13 - 26ft
Protection Degree: IP67
Material: Die Casting Aluminum - Salt and Corrosion Resistant
Rainy/Cloudy Days: Lasts 4 Days
Operation: Fully Automatic Operation | Programmable | Remote Control
Warranty: 3 Years
Dimensions: H:410cms, W:110cm / H:161.4in  W:43.30in

Extremely easy assembly and installation.


Low energy costs - Solar powered lamps generate light at 0% cost to the consumer.

Low maintenance - These lamps were designed with quality in mind, translating into durability and low maintenance after installation.

No emissions - Perhaps the greatest benefit of solar lighting is its positive effects on the environment, providing a free source of energy which does not contribute to global warming.

Renewable resource - Solar power is an important source of renewable energy.  Other energy sources such as coal and oil have finite supplies.  Yet the sun will keep on shining potentially beyond human existence.

Risk - With solar lighting, there is no risk of electrocution and the lamps are cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.

Power outage - Not being connected to an electrical grid means that these lights will continue to work even if there has been a power outage.

Versatility - You can install SELS solar lighting in all areas of your property, reducing the need for electrical wiring, and creating a greener, cheaper and more practical alternative. These lamps are great for all your different projects whether it be residential or commercial, parks and recreation, farmland or wherever else you might need a light pole. 

Easy Installation - All of our Solar Lights were designed with our customers in mind, making installation a breeze.  All you need is a base to install your light, and the rest is straightforward.  No need for trenching or wiring costs.

Lifespan of Lights - Conventional lights have an average lifespan of 3,000 hours.  The total life of a SELS Solar Street Light using an LED lamp creates a lifespan of around 15 TIMES that of a conventional light.

Automatic Dark Sensors - Our SELS Solar Lights are equipped with darkness sensors which will automatically turn on the lights without the need to flip a switch.