MR16-3030 | LED Outdoor Spotlight Bulbs | 6.5 Watts (3 Pack)

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MR16-3030 Product Specs
GU10 Base, 2700K Softwhite - 3 Pack

  • Energy Used: 6.5W
  • Brightness: 450 Lumens
  • Light appearance: 2700K
  • Beam angle: 35°
  • Voltage: AC/DC 12V
  • Lifespan: 25000 Hrs
Quantity: 30 :: 6 Pack | 60 :: 3 Pack
Size: 56 x 33 x 22.5 cm | 22 x 13 x 8.85 in
Weight: 12.55 kg | 27.6 lb
H: 41 mm | 1.6 in
Ø: 50 mm | 2 in

SELS Led bulb color light: Warm White

These SELS LED MR16 Led floodlight, standard base GU5.3 give you instant light output with just a simple flip of a switch. These bulbs provide soft white, warm color (2700 Kelvin), which gives great cozy look outside or inside the home, producing a nice warm radiance full glow ideal for outdoor scenarios, living rooms, dining rooms and recreation rooms, outdoor spaces, recessed lights and general lighting use.

Applications: landscape led bulbs, outdoor, directional lighting, track lighting, recessed lighting, flood lighting, security lights, landscape lights, directional lights, spotlights, architectural lighting.


  • This MR16 LED bulb consumes just 6.5 Watts, emitting 450 lumens of light, serving as an effective replacement for a 75 watts equivalent halogen Spotlight, flood light bulb, saving you up to 181.58 USD in energy costs.

  • Provides a beautiful, intense level of light creating a soft white and beautiful atmosphere. Ideal for use in Outdoor Lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor living rooms, ceiling light, lighting fixtures, recessed fixtures, track lighting, 12V Outdoor lighting.

  • Designed to last for 22 years or more, you won't have to worry about switching out your lights for quite some time.

  • SELS Led light bulbs are designed to look like common MR16, GU10 light bulbs, flood bulbs, serving as an easy energy efficient replacement for traditional incandescent MR16 75 watts spotlights.

  • No Ultraviolet (UV) light, do not attract mosquitoes like conventional bulbs, won't cause fading, our SELS led bulbs are free of toxic chemicals, like Mercury, they're also 100% recyclable, allowing you to help make the world a little bit greener.

  • Can be Recycled

  • Non-bug-Attracting

  • Instant On

  • Dimmable

  • Shock and vibration resistant