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BR40-2040 LED Bulbs | 17W (4 Pack)

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BR40-2040 Product Specs
E26 Standard Base, 2700K Soft White - 4 Pack

  • Energy Used: 17W
  • Brightness: 1350 Lumens
  • Light appearance: 2700K
  • Beam angle: 110°
  • Voltage: AC100-120V
  • Lifespan: 25000 Hrs
Quantity: 8::4 Pack | 32::Single Pack
Size: 57.5 x 55.8 x 39.5 cm | 22 x 21.9 x 15.5 in
Weight: 13.62 kg | 30 lb
H: 160 mm | 6.3 in
Ø: 127 mm | 5 in

This SELS LED, 100 watts equivalent BR40 LED bulb uses only 17 watts of energy emitting 1350 lumens of light.

  • This BR40 LED bulb provides a soft white, warm light.

  • Looks like a traditional BR40 incandescent bulb.

  • Operation costs per year average $2.04 per bulb. This 4 pack of BR40 LED bulb lifetime savings average $879.76

  • UL approved (E481544), also suitable for damp locations.

SELS BR40 LED Light Bulb

With our newest BR40 light bulbs you will be able to produce a beautiful, diffused level of soft white light creating the perfect relaxing atmosphere. Our BR40 LED bulbs are the smartest alternative to standard incandescent, delivering you both energy efficiency & aesthetic appeal day after day.

Soft White - Warm White (2700K)

The SELS LED BR40 bulbs to give you instant light output with just the simple flip of a switch. These bulbs provide a soft white, warm color (2700K), great for inside the home, producing a relaxing full radiance glow ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, display lights, protected outdoor fixtures, recreation room, or any place inside your home.

The SELS BR40 household light bulb lasts up to 20+ years & can replace your current 100 watt BR incandescent bulb reducing your energy bills while providing the same light quality. They consume just 17 watts of energy with an operating cost per year of approximately $2.04. Over its lifetime our BR40 Led bulbs will save you around $879.76 in energy costs compared to its traditional incandescent counterpart.

* Based on 3 hours average daily use.

* Not Dimmable.