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A19 High Performance LED Bulbs | 7W (3 Pack)

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  • This A19 LED bulb consumes just 7 Watts, emitting 800 lumens of light, serving as an effective replacement for a 60 watts incandescent bulb, saving you up to 145.55 USD in energy costs. 

  • Provides a beautiful, diffused level of light creating a soft white and beautiful atmosphere. Ideal for use in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, ceiling light, lighting fixtures, recessed fixtures and any other lighting application needs.

  • Designed to last for 22 years or more, you won't have to worry about switching out your lights for quite some time.

  • SELS Led light bulbs are designed to look like common light bulbs serving as an easy energy efficient replacement for traditional small bulbs, They will fit in applications where a traditional incandescent or CFL is used.

  • Can be Recycled

  • Non-bug-attracting

  • Instant On

  • Dimmable

  • Shock and vibration resistant

About SELS Products

  • 1 SELS LED light bulb lasts as long as 25 Incandescent bulbs.

  • The efficiency of SELS LED bulbs is more than five times higher than comparable incandescent bulbs.

  • SELS LED light bulbs to use only 20% of the amount of electricity used by incandescent to produce the same amount of light.

  • SELS LED lighting products are among some of the most efficient lighting products available. Most of our products have a luminous efficacy of over 90Lm per watt.

  • Our light bulbs do not contain mercury or any other hazardous materials, so you don't have to worry about special disposal procedures or having a negative impact on the environment. CFL bulbs contain mercury, which is hazardous to the environment and to your family.


E26 Standard Base 60 Watt Incandescent bulb Equivalent,

UL 6000K Daylight - 3 Pack

Product Specs

Package Quantity: 3

Average Life Span: 35000 hours

Lighting Method: Up/Down Light

Beam Angle: 180

Brightness: 800

Color Temperature: 3000

Light Source Type: LED

Voltage: 120

Wattage: 7

Incandescent Equivalent: 60 watts

Certifications: UL Listed, Energy Star Qualified

Application/Use: Indoor/Outdoor

Height: 2.4

Length: 4.58

Bulb Shape: Bulb

If this bulb does not last 3 years contact us. SELS will replace your bulb. Bulb replacement is SELS sole warranty obligation, and incidental and consequential damages are excluded.